President Felipe Calderón appoints Gomez Mont to post of Secretary of Government

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El Universal (Mexico City) 11/11/08
When Juan Camilo Mouriño died in a plane crash last week, he left perhaps the most important vancancy in the Mexican government’s war on crime.  President Calderon filled that vacancy by appointing Fernando Gomez Mont to the post of Secretary of Government [no US equivalent ].  Gomez Mont is a long-time member of the president’s PAN party and is considered to be professional and honest.  Calderon is giving him a free hand in running the department, requiring only patriotic loyalty and not subordination.  A primary goal will be to fortify the legal and institutional mechanisms “to prevent any kind of meddling by organized crime in the electoral process.”  Elections scheduled for next year include seats in the Chamber of Deputies and others in local  elections, including six gubernatorial contests.  The concern is justified in view of the penetration of organized crime into security and judicial bodies.
Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 11/11/08
–  The Mexican Army arrested 21 police officers in Tijuana for links to organized crime.  None arrested were in supervisory positions, the Chief of Police pointed out.
–  The state Department of Justice reported that six more people were victims of gang-style murders last night in Tijuana.
El Diario en Llinea (Chihuahua) 11/11/08
–  The body of a man laid out on a narco-message was discovered in front of a school this morning.  Unlike other such murders, this one was not bloody and didn’t show any signs of rage or torture.  [For whatever reason, depositing bodies near schools has become a common practice for narcos.]
–  An armed group attacked soldiers guarding the Police Intelligence Center in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.  The response by police vehicles from several entities resulted in a traffic accident in which two civilians were killed and three injured.  These were apparently the only casualties and no arrests were reported.
Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) 11/11/08
Two months after narco-executions rocked the security of the Yucatan region, federal and state forces in Tzucabab yesterday dismantled what is suspected to be the “logistics center” of one of the drug cartels operating in the state.  In the operation, seven people were arrested and arms and vehicles confiscated.  Those arrested were presumably in charge of directing the landing of planes loaded with drugs.
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