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Tijuana: More than 600 execution type killings by organized crime so far this year

November 7, 2008

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El Financiero  (Mexico City)  11/6/08
(The headline reads) : “Violence does not cease in Tijuana”
Violence continues in Tijuana, where the finding of cadavers and narco messsages keep police agencies on alert on both sides of the border and the civilian population in a state of panic.
More than 600 execution type killings carried out by organized crime have been counted this year, which makes it one of the most violent in the city’s history. Yesterday two decapitated bodies were found, two police officers were murdered and so were eleven other men, all within a 14 hour period.

El Porvenir  (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)  11/6/08
Mexico’s Chancellor (Sec. of State) Patricia Espinosa said that they intend to maintain contact with Barak Obama’s transition team to talk at all levels about issues such as immigration and the Merida initiative. They will also seek to schedule a meeting between Felipe Calderon and Obama as soon as possible because”something much more important and bigger than a long border unites us.”
———  (Ensenada, Baja Calif.)  11/6/08
An anonymous call led Mex. army personnel to a warehouse and shop used to store marihuana. 91 packages weighing a total of 1,700 kilos were found at the place, located just a block and a half from the Ensenada P.D. hqs.
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  11/6/08
An anonymous call led to the finding by Mex. military of a “narco tunnel” under construction in San Luis Rio Colorado (just south of Yuma AZ); the tunnel had not yet reached the international border and is in a house on the border alley between 13th and 14th Sts. and just two blocks from the local Dep’t. of Justice office. The house has been taken over by AFI  (Mex. FBI equiv.), PFP (Fed. Preventive Police) and Mex. army personnel.
El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez ed.) , El Siglo de Torreon (Torreon, Coahuila)  11/6/08
The body of a man who had been beheaded and whose hands were handcuffed behind him was found hung from the Rotario Bridge in Juarez before dawn today. He had been forcibly carried off two days before. A message from a local criminal organization was left nearby.
About the same time. a human head was found in a plastic bag elsewhere in town, along with yet another threat message. It was believed to relate to the headless body hanging from the bridge
(The attachment shows the hanging body just before its removal)  Yet one more body was found near the Rio Grande in Juarez, this one shot in the head.
El Debate (Culiacan,Sinaloa)  11/6/08
Four cities in the state of Sinaloa – Culiacan, Mazatlan, Guasave and Sinaloa de Leyva – registered a total of thirteen execution type killings earlier this week.
Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  11/6/08
–    A lawyer who had also been an ex-city official and police commander in Tonala, Jalisco, was shot to death outside his home today
–    A study by the Private Sector Center for Economic Studies finds that corruption increased in Mexico and deregulation lost ground. Opening a business in Mexico brought about an average of “extra official”
(read: bribe or “mordida”) payments over 5 thousand pesos in 2006-2007; it also took a total of 39 to 44 days to open a business in Mexico compared to 2 days in Australia and 6 in the U.S.
–    Five Michoacan policemen were arrested and jailed in Apatzingan because of their direct involvement  in the kidnapping of a member of the Mex. military and his family. But the four victims have not been located.
a.m.  (Leon, Guanajuato)  11/6/08
A Leon city police commander was shot to death by killers who awaited him as he arrived at his home last night. That was a few minutes after an accountant met the same fate from assault rifles in front of his own home elsewhere in Leon.
La Hora  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  11/6/08
Guatemala’s violent deaths average fifty a month. And the country’s “Direccion Nacional de Migracion” reported that 23,921 Guatemalans have been deported from the United States so far this year, many of whom had criminal records. Likewise, they said that Mexico deported 32,693 Guatemalans so far in 2008.
Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  11/7/08
This morning’s banner headlines on the printed version: City policeman executed
                                                                                  Physician kidnapped
La Jornada  (Mexico City)  11/7/08
In its “Migracion” section, this item, placed on top, begins: “According to experts, there will be no massive return of migrants. Here comes the wolf, various media sources have been saying for weeks. They refer to the presumed massive return (of millions) of Mexican immigrants who would be expelled by the crisis of the United States. The experts say that there is no evidence that this will happen. If you were unemployed in the U.S., would you return to be unemployed in Mexico?”
Norte (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  11/7/08
–    Mex. army personnel detained four heavily armed men in Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua; the four had with them “an anti-tank rocket launcher, a high explosive rocket, two caliber 308 rifles capable of piercing armor, two cal. 223 AR-15 rifles, a caliber 556 rifle, a .22 caliber rifle, a .22 revolver, a caliber 11.25 pistol, 12 fragmentation hand grenades, a gas grenade and clips of various calibers.” They also had five “T3” level bullet proof vests, bandoleers, gas masks and ID cards of the PGR (Mex. Dep’t. of Justice) plus small amounts of drugs.
–    Most of the front page and the headline on the printed version of this paper was devoted to the horror which Juarez residents feel because of the level and brutality of the violence.
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