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Arizona policy against hiring illegal aliens contributing to upswing in returns to Mexico

October 27, 2008

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Saturday 10/25/08

El Financiero (Mexico City) 10/25/08
At least 1,500 immigrants of Mexican origin return to Mexico from the US each day into the state of Sonora because of the economic situation in the US.  The director of a state immigrant agency said some 700 of them return through Nogales daily.  He pointed out that the Arizona policy against hiring the undocumented has also contributed to the  repatriations.
El Nuevo Diario  (Managua, Nicaragua)  10/25/08
A cache of 158 rifles was found hidden in a swampy coastal area called Wawa Bar in N.E. Nicaragua, near Puerto Cabezas. One hundred fifty of the rifles are FAL type.  An area police official stated they believe the weapons were to have been traded for cocaine from Colombia, and that the weapons most likely came from Honduras.
La Prensa Grafica  (San Salvador, El Salvador)  10/25/08
El Salvador’s “Direccion General de Migracion” reports that 12,790 Salvadorans were expelled from the United States this year up to August 18 and that, of those, 3,965 had criminal records mainly for assault, drug and sexual violations, while a lesser number of them also had records for homicide and kidnapping.  The majority this year came from Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Texas and New York.
La Hora & Prensa Libre  (both Guatemala City)  10/25/08
A group of three Australian and two Israeli tourists were robbed when thugs found them in a bus at dawn Saturday south of Guatemala City.  One of the Israelis was also raped.
Between midnight Thursday and Friday seven persons were murdered in unrelated acts in the area of Guatemala City.
Sunday 10/26/08

El Universal (Mexico City) 10/26/08
–  In a major blow to organized crime in Tijuana, Baja California, the Mexican Army arrested Eduardo “El Doctor” Arellano Félix.  “El Doctor” is one of the top leaders of the Arellano Félix Cartel.  He has been on an INTERPOL lookout since 2004 and a reward for his arrest was offered by DEA.  The US has an extradition request pending.
–  Eighteen presumed members of the criminal organization “La Familia” were arrested in three cities in the state of Guanajuato; Dolores Hidalgo, Santiago de  la Unión and Celaya.  The group’s main criminal activity is the extortion of business owners and the intimidation of civil authorities for protection from arrest.
_  Almost simultaneously yesterday morning, narco-banners were placed in 11 cities throughout Mexico, all with similar messages respectfully addressed to President Felipe Calderón asking him to conduct the fight against narcotraffic in “an impartial manner” and “not tip the balance to only one side.”  “With all respect to your office, Mr. President, we request that you open your eyes and realize the kind of people the PFP [Federal Police] has; we know that you have no knowledge of the arrangements Genaro García Luna [Federal Secretary of Public Security] has with the Sinaloa Cartel since the  term of [ex-president] Fox, …” began one of the messages.  Other messages accuse García of a history of protecting the leaders of the cartel and lists names.  The messages also deny any cartel connection with acts of terrorism such as the attacks in Morelia, Michoacán, and the US Consulate in Monterrey, Nuevo León.  They sign off with, “Thank you very much for your attention, Mr President!”  The banners appeared in the cities of Culiacán, Guasave and Los Mochis, Sinaloa; Durango, Durango; Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas; Coatzalcoalcos, Minatitlán and Veracruz, Veracruz; Acapulco and Zihuantanejo, Guerrero; and in Monterrey, Nuevo León.   Because of the contents, authorities attribute the banners to the Gulf Cartel.  The photo relates.

–  In a separate article, the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) denied offering protection to organized crime as asserted in the messages.
La Hora  (Quito, Ecuador)  10/21/08 (date is not a misprint)
Ecuadoran immigration officials  went to a house in the province of Cotopaxi [no town was mentioned; this province is just south of Quitoand found 25 Chinese living in four “improvised” upstairs rooms of a house. The Chinese sleep on mattresses on the floor and only come down for meals. However, their passports showed they had been lawfully admitted into Ecuador and that their stay doesn’t expire until Dec. 21st.
The owner of the house said that it was a man called Simon who brought the Chinese and who also pays the room rental.
El Heraldo  (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  10/26/08
A report by the Central American Council of Attorneys for Human Rights  said that Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador are among the world’s countries with the highest percentage of inequality of personal income. These are countries which also reflect high rates of illiteracy and infant mortality  and a low index of hope. The report ranked 122 world countries by using the “Gini Index”, which does not necessarily indicate an exact order of poverty but of inequality of income. Of the 122, Guatemala ranked 7th worst, then Nicaragua & Honduras at 13th & 14th respectively. El Salvador was 19th. The central American country with least disproportion of personal income is Costa Rica, ranked 34th worst in the global scale of 122.
La Nación (Argentina) 10/26/08
The long arm of Mexican narcotraffic reached into Argentina with a threat of an attack against Buenos Aires TV actor Mariano Martínez in order to silence his father.  The father, Ricardo Martínez,  was arrested over a month ago and is being held for trial with ten others for his involvement with trafficking synthetic drugs and is now threatened with harm to his son if he delivers damaging testimony.
Monday 10/27/08

El Universal (Mexico City) 10/27/08
The Mexican Federal Attorney General, Eduardo Medina Mora, advised that he had asked President Felipe Calderón for authorization to restructure SIEDO, after confirming that department chiefs of that agency had regularly received payments from the Beltrán Leyva drug cartel in exchange for classified information. [SIEDO is the principal Mexican federal agency for combatting organized crime.]  In a press conference, Medina Mora confirmed that, as a result of investigations, he has relieved 25 agents of their duties and other support personnel for a total of 35 dismissals.  The AG maintained that the “cleansing process” and revision of the agency will continue permanently and that the present problem resulted from lack of  regular application of mechanisms of selection and control of personnel.
Documents obtained by El Universal show corruptive influence at the highest levels in the fight against organized crime in Mexico since at least 2004, indicating infiltration by the Beltrán Leyva Cartel into INTERPOL and the US Embassy, putting at risk the most important investigations as well as the investigating agents, including those of the DEA.  Two of the former high-level officials of SIEDO, Miguel Colorado González and Fernando Rivera Hernández have been formally detained for extradition to the US for their criminal activities.  They reportedly received up to $450,000 in monthly payments from the cartel.
El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 10/27/08
In 14 hours in Culiacán, Sinaloa, five persons were abducted by armed groups in different parts of the city, among them a transit police agent, three people were executed gang-style and one wounded by gunfire.
Milenio (Mexico City) 10/27/08
Six more narco-banners with messages similar to those reported Sunday were displayed in different parts of the state of Guerrero.  [Other reports from around the country indicate that  the messages continue to appear for the third day.]
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