Mexico and Cuba condem U.S. migratory policies

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El Universal (Mexico City) 10/21/08

–  In a meeting between Mexican President Felipe Calderón and Cuban Chancellor Felipe Pérez Roca, both countries jointly condemned US policies stating, “the US migratory policy toward Cuba stimulates illegal migration and illicit traffic of people and obstructs efforts to effectively combat criminal organizations that profit from those offenses.  In the official statement, they rejected “the imposition of coercive unilateral measures and of extraterritorial laws such as the blockade imposed by the US against Cuba and the Helms Burton law that also establishes restrictions and encumbrances on Mexican businesses.”
–  The Mexican federal government delivered a blow to the Sinaloa Cartel with the arrest in Mexico City of 16 of its presumed members after an armed confrontation.  Among those arrested was Jesús Zambada Reyes, nephew of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, one of the top leaders of the cartel.  Also arrested in the group were two active agents of the Federal Police and an agent of the state of México Ministerial Police.  The 16 arrested are under especially heavy security guard at the facilities of SIEDO [Mexico’s equivalent of DEA].
El Diario en Línea (Chihuahua) 10/21/08
–  In an unusual case, four severed heads were delivered in an ice chest to the Public Security office of Ascención, Chihuahua, five days ago by messenger service.  The well-wrapped package was apparently addressed to an unidentified clinic in the area and was not opened while officials attempted to determine where they should take it, believing it to have a legitimate medical purpose.  Failing in their quest, officials yesterday decided to open the chest and discovered the macabre contents still packed in ice.  The victims have not been identified and there are no missing person reports that correspond.  All that has been determined is that the victims showed evidence of torture.
–  The state of Tamaulipas will authorize a 20 milllion pesos [a litttle more than $1.5 million US] for a program to assist Mexican repatriates from the US through Matamoros, Reynosa, Miguel Alemán and Nuevo Laredo to return to their places of origin.
Diario de Yucatán (Yucatán) 10/21/08
Headline and sub-headline: Organized crime makes a show of their sadism.  They seek more impact by leaving bodies near schools.  
The article points out that in Tijuana, Baja California, today’s youths know the names of all the notable players in the narcotraffic game, not only because of the news coverage, but also through popular songs that present them as heroes and through the internet where YouTube presents scenes of actual bloodcurdling murders.
Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 10/21/08
Due to the anti-narco war in Mexico that extends its violence even into bars and restaurants, more and more Mexicans are fleeing to Canada requesting refuge.  The Canadian news agency The Globe and Mail reported that presently 9,070 Mexican refugees are hoping to have their cases heard.  This is the largest number from one country since the establishment of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board in 1989.
El Debate (Sinaloa) 10/21/08
A high official of the city of Navolato, Sinaloa, was assassinated by AK-47 gunfire while eating at a hotdog stand.  He had formerly served as the commander of the state Ministerial Police.  In the nearby city of Culiacán, a police commander was similarly assassinated while at a taco stand.  In both cases, the hit men apparently knew their targets’ routines.
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