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Mexico: Confrontations result in 33 deaths in less than 24 hours

October 17, 2008

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El Universal  (Mexico City)  10/17/08
–    Confrontations by Mex. federal & state forces against groups believed to be linked with organized crime produced 33 deaths in Mexico between Wednesday night and Thursday. Among the victims there’s a soldier and a city police officer as well as two civilian employees. In Mazatlan, Sinaloa, two state police officers were forcibly carried off from a sea food shop.
A shootout took place between military personnel and men in a vehicle south of Ciudad Juarez at a road checkpoint; there, two of the aggressors lost their lives and two others were arrested. Seven other men also lost their lives in different events in Juarez.
Also, a human head was found in the center of town in Chihuahua City; the body was located in Santa Eulalia, some 20 kilometers away.
Three other homicides were reported in Sinaloa, two in Jalisco, two in the Distrito Federal and others in Chiapas, Guerrero and in Nogales, Sonora . Tijuana’s tally was five due to a shootout involving the military. And another shootout in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, resulted in another death and four subjects wounded. Further, the U.S. Consulate in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, had to suspend operations because of yet another shootout between police and some individuals in the proximity.
(NOTE : The foregoing is as reported in the daily account of violent blood spillage in Mexico)
–     Guatemalan officials have detected some 300 Mexican members of the Zetas – the Gulf Cartel’s armed group – who go back and forth across the border of Mexico and Guatemala to coordinate drug traffic operations between Colombia, Mexico and the United States. On March 25 of this year a dispute for control with a local Guatemalan family in Zacapa – near the Honduran border – resulted in 11 deaths.
La Cronica de Hoy  (Mexico City)  10/17/08
A man claiming to be a United States citizen was detained while trying to cross back into the U.S. at the Port of Entry at Brownsville, Texas. He had been using the identity of a deceased U.S. citizen for the last twenty years and had been residing in Florida, but a fingerprint data bank check disclosed his true identity and the fact that he is an undocumented and illegal Mexican immigrant..
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  10/17/08
Around 8:30 p.m. Thursday residents of the Ciudad Juarez area around the El Campanario events center heard a number of firearm shots but none of local citizens left their homes until after the shooting stopped and the shooters had gone. Then they came out and found six men, all apparently in their early twenties, who’d been made to kneel facing a wall of the events center and had then been shot and killed with a sub machinegun. “More than” 100 shell casings were found at the scene. None of the area neighbors could give any information about the perpetrators. 
El Universo  (Guayaquil, Ecuador)  10/16/08
Italy’s Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, told a parliamentary commission that Italy will substitute a monetary sanction in lieu of prison for illegal immigrants, and that this will then trigger their expulsion from the country.
Maroni’s declaration coincided with the arrival on Thursday morning of three craft loaded with 650 illegal immigrants at Lampedusa. (An Italian island on the Mediterranean south of Sicily and across from Libya.) An Italian Navy vessel picked up 239 persons – including 51 women and 4 children – and a customs unit picked up another 132 illegals – 49 females included – from a craft adrift 15 kms. off the coast. The other 300 were intercepted after reaching the shore. The prior last wave of illegals was on October 7th, when more than 800 persons arrived within less than 24 hours.
El Heraldo  (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  10/16/08
(An issue of potential impact on “Resident Alien” (“Green”) cards)
The gay community is threatening to not take part in the political parties’ internal elections because of the discrimination existing at the National Registry of Persons (“RNP”) when their identity cards are processed.
The “gais” (sic), especially the “travestis” (sic), are upset because when their photograph is taken for their identity card they are made to take off the make-up, the hair, the wigs and all type of jewelry, since they are listed as men in the books.
The “RNP” officials explained that only a reform of the law would allow this type of identification and in the meantime these persons will have to abide with what is established in the national identification system.
Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  10/17/08
(The end portions of an op/column by Carolina Escobar, titled “Shared Hatred” follow) :
We are sick of violence, our children keep witnessing lynchings, murders, rapes and all kinds of events which are forming a vision of the world. This is tremendously perverse; on one side we place our faith in the future in children and youth, and on the other we expose them to a reality that turns them into skeptics (first possibility), or into multipliers of the violence ( second possibility.)
I express my hatred for the violence in which more people die than in wartime. Life is at the base of our human rights and in our Constitution; why not also believe that we have the right to die well? why don’t we invest in preventing violence instead of creating private security agencies?
(An earlier portion of this column states that a National Police spokesman told a news agency that according to official data an average of 14 persons are murdered in Guatemala on a daily basis.)
Critica  (Sonora)  10/16/08
Two U.S. citizens, two Argentinians, a Brazilian, a Chilean and a Brazilian minor were in Sonoyta, Sonora, in a vehicle that was towing a boat. (This is just across from Lukeville, AZ)
They were stopped by police, who then found 897 packages of marihuana in the boat. The weed weighed two tons and the travelers had been heading to Mexicali, Baja Calif., but have now been remanded into custody.. (No date of the event was given.) 
– end of report –

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