Mexican Counsul Guillermo Reyes asking his fellow citizens not to emigrate to the United States [at this time]

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 El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, ed.) 10/3/03
–    the paper’s headline reads: “Mexican consul asks fellow citizens not to emigrate to this country”
Due to the economic crisis in the United States, the Mexican consul assigned to El Paso, Texas, Guillermo Reyes, recommended fellow citizens not to migrate to that country since they will find there are few opportunities for obtaining employment, besides the fact that United States authorities are intensifying the anti-immigrant round-ups.
The diplomat pointed out that it’s foreseen that the recession in the country to the north will result in that many persons may intend to return to Mexico upon not finding employment opportunities.
“This is a very sad situation for all of us, but  particularly for all the migrants. Without a doubt many will see their (personal) interests affected because obtaining a job will be more complicated, it will be more complicated to stay in the United States and many of them will surely try to return to our country”, he said.
Because of this, he pointed out that they should not migrate at this time. (Note: emphasis added) 
He added that along with the economic crisis, the anti-immigrant round-ups are increasing in the United States and repatriations increase every day.
Nevertheless, Rodolfo Rubio Salas, “expert in demographic mobility” and researcher of the College of the Northern Frontier, recommended awaiting (to see) the path that the U.S. economy will take. He pointed out that immigrant rejection conditions will be generated if the U.S. crisis worsens. He said “Adverse conditions generate a major rejection not only of presence but to illegal entry. It can translate into a harder vigilance policy.” Conditions will tend to be more difficult not only for finding employment but in the entry process to that country.
As far as illegal entry, he added that data indicate that an average of 500 to 600 thousand  Mexicans previously emigrated to the neighbor country and according to recent data that number has decreased to 300 thousand. Rubio Salas said that this is due to the activities of the migrants who even ten years ago came and went to and from Mexico, but that due to the intensification of the vigilance policies now they stay permanently in the United States.
–    Four persons were murdered at a burglar alarm shop called “Tarantula Sound” in Juarez. Two of them were city police officers. A fifth person was wounded and taken to a hospital.
–    When firefighters were called to recover a cadaver from an open sewer canal in an outlying area of Juarez, they first thought it was a case of drowning. But the body was handcuffed and showed signs of violence. It was later established he’d been forcibly carried off earlier in the day.
–    Two Juarez police officers were killed while on duty Thursday evening when they became the targets of a car-to-car gunfire assault. That brought to four the number of police murdered yesterday in Juarez.
–    President Calderon has forwarded a bill to the Mexican Senate decriminalizing the personal usage of drugs. This is a renewal of an initiative by ex-president Fox to set limits on the consumption of various drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, meth, LSD, “crystal” and others. In January 2004 ex-president Fox had proposed such legislation but he later vetoed it after the Mexican House and Senate raised the minimum amounts of eight drugs. In the last six years the number of drug addicts in Mexico has increased 51 %.
El Comercio  (Lima, Peru)  10/3/08
A commercial vehicle traveling in Ayacucho (a state in Peru) was found to be transporting fifty-one “war grenades.”
El Financiero  (Mexico City)  10/3/08
Last June the European Union adopted a new uniform policy in dealing with illegal aliens. Among other items, it provides for their detention up to eighteen months while their repatriation is arranged. Now, the new UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, of South Africa, has criticized those EU laws and asserted that neither the undocumented nor the asylum applicants are criminals and must not be confined as such. She also said her office is in contact with different governments, among them that of the United States, “with which it has had some meetings to deal with the detentions provoked by the struggle against international terrorism.”
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  10/3/08
Mexico’s Dep’t. of Justice reported that “some” aircraft stolen near Culiacan a couple of days ago have now been located in an area ranch near there.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  10/3/08
The bodies of five additional homicide victims were found at dawn today (Fri.) in an empty lot in Tijuana. Their heads were wrapped with tape and their hands and feet were tied. This raises to forty the total of violent homicides in one week in Tijuana.
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