Mexico – Noticeable increase in number of young people returning to the state of Michoacán due to the “financial recession” in the US

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Saturday 9/13/08

El Universal; Milenio; El Sol de Mexico (all Mexico City); El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo León) 9/13/08
In what is described as “a massive execution without precedent,” 24 bodies were found Friday evening in a wooded park area known as La Marquesa near Mexico City.  On the roadway nearby, written with spray paint was the message, “This is the fight.”  The victims are believed to be those abducted in Arcelia, Guerrero a week ago and showed signs of “severe torture,” hands and feet tied, blindfolded and each with the coup de grace shot to the head.  They were all males 25 to 35 years of age.  The federal Attorney General, Eduardo Medina Mora, said there is no evidence that the yet unidentified victims are military or police and preliminary investigations point to the massacre being related to drug cartel battles.   Photo relates.


El Sol de México (Mexico City) 9/14/08

Although there are no precise numbers, in the past few months there has been a noticeable increase in young people returning to the state of Michoacán due to the “financial recession” in the US.  “Among the younger population there is a tendency toward repatriation and a cessation of departures to the neighboring country to the north,” said the state migrant secretary.  The decision to return to their homes is attributed to several factors, among them the present unemployment in the US, that minimum wages are not increasing, and because of the “recession.”  Another factors cited are the “anti-immigrant policies” on the borders as well as those being applied at this time requiring that an undocumented seeking employment must show legal status in the US.  For these reasons, the state secretary recommends the people not to leave in search of job opportunities in the US since they will waste their lives on the road without a guarantee of a better future.
La Prensa Grafica (San Salvador, El Salv.) , Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  9/13/08
“El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Jamaica & South Africa head the list of countries with the highest quantity of violent crimes taking place each year, according to an international study by the UN Development Program and the Small Arms Survey organization based in Geneva.”
According to police and government attorney figures, El Salvador has an average of nine murders daily.
The document pointed out that every year more people die in all the world because of violent crime than due to war, and that the resulting economic losses fluctuate between 95 and 163 billion U.S. dollars yearly.
El Tiempo  (Bogota, Colombia)  9/13/08
Two thousand 194 kilograms of “high purity” cocaine were seized by Colombian military from a seaside cove at El Charco, Narino State, in the southwestern corner of Colombia. The men guarding the drug fired at the military and then fled into the dense coastal jungle. More than 54 metric tons of cocaine have been seized so far this year by Colombian military.
El Comercio  (Lima, Peru)  9/13/08
274 subjects have been arrested at Lima’s Airport so far this year while attempting to leave that country and transporting cocaine. Peruvians, Spaniards, Dutch, Mexicans, Portuguese and South Africans head the list of nationalities arrested. In 2007, the amount of cocaine seized at that airport was 3,919 kilos (a bit over 8,620 pounds)

Sunday 9/14/08

La Hora (Guatemala City) 9/14/08

A rather long article titled “Los Zetas, seeking control of Guatemalan territory,” makes several points to support the probability.  It first points out that Mexico is the major route to the US for narcotics traffic, that the present conditions require the cartels to expand operations to more favorable areas, and that Guatemala is the strategic location to serve that purpose.  Guatemala borders most of Mexico’s southern border and from there, offers routes by land and sea.  Guatemala’s meager control over its borders and the jungle condition of the border with Mexico contribute to making it ideal for narcotrafficking.  The article describes Los Zetas as a paramilitary criminal cartel in Mexico and that evidence supports they are increasing power in Guatemala.

Monday 9/15/08

a.b.c.; Milenio (both Mexico City) and El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 9/15/08

Twelve people have been arrested in Arcelia, Guerrero on suspicion of involvement in the multiple murders of the 24 bodies found last Friday evening in a wooded park near Mexico City.  The group, eleven males and one female, was arrested at a home in Arcelia by a task force of military and Federal Police.  There remains much speculation about the factors leading to the murders.  At present it is suspected that it may be a turf war between “La Familia” and “Los Zetas,” both criminal enforcer groups.  State of México officials confirmed that five of the murder victims have been identified as having links to a group called “Los Pelones” in the service of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

El Norte (Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua) 9/15/08

Ciudad Juárez mayor, José Reyes Ferriz has given his department instructions to prepare for the dismissal of at least 400 city police who, by week’s end, will be personally notified about the results of “examinations of trust” carried out by the Federal Secretary of Public Safety (SSPF).  Due to the fact that there are insufficient reserves to fill the anticipated vacancies, the Army will fill in for the present time.

Excelsior (Mexico City) 9/15/08

Five ex-federal agents have been formally ordered held for trial, accused of being part of the Beltrán Leyva crime organization.  The five ex-feds are specifically charged with kidnapping and homicides.
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