Mexian Federal Police arresting corrupt high placed officials

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 (Mexico City) 9/6/08

Saturday 9/6/08

El Universal

–  In addition to the arrest of the Chief of Police in Cárdenas, Tabasco reported Friday, Mexican Federal agents of the organized crime unit (Seido) continued their operation against suspected corrupt  officials by arresting the director of the State Police of Tabasco, Jesús Arellano Flores.  The Seido agents are continuing to follow reports of officials who are on the “narco payroll.”

–  Last Thursday, the Regional Commissioner of Federal Police, Arturo Herrera Valles, was arrested on suspicion of having links with the Zetas Cartel.  Today, the Federal Office of Public Security (SSP) refuted allegations by Javier Herrera Valles, an ex-coordinator of the Regional Federal Police, that the arrest of his brother was an act of retaliation.  “I am totally convinced that this has to do with retaliation in order to shut me up so I won’t continue reporting the irregularities in the PF (Federal Police) about which all of us brothers in the department are going to unite to go see President Calderón,” he asserted.  The Attorney General’s office (PGR) countered that Herrera’s arrest was ordered because his name “appears on lists found by the PGR during a search.”
–  Seven municipal police were killed in a gun battle with some 20 armed men.  Another of the officers was wounded.  The fight took place in Tancítaro, Michoacán, a small town west of Uruapán.  The officers were on patrol when they encountered three vehicles with armed men.  Upon seeing the police, the group armed with AK-47 assault rifles opened fire on the patrol.  Within minutes, the Army and assorted other police arrived, but the gunmen escaped.
Sunday 9/7/08
El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo León) 9/7/08
The police commander of Veracruz, Veracruz has confessed to his involvement in the kidnapping of a rancher rescued by state police yesterday.  Eight others involved in the kidnapping were also arrested.
El Financiero (Mexico City) 9/7/08
An exclusive interview with US presidential candidate John McCain on Univision’s “Al Punto” was featured within minutes of airing by El Financiero.  In the interview he said that President Felipe Calderón is fighting for the soul of his country against the drug cartels and organized crime and that the US must help.  He also said the US should help the economic development of Mexico and the rest of Latin America in a way that would reduce immigration toward the US.
El Debate (Sinaloa) 9/7/08
–  Another complaint has been filed about the conduct of Mexican Army personnel participating in Operation Culicán-Navolato. [M3, 9/3/08]  This time, a businesswoman returning from a five-day trip found her house in Culiacán, Sinaloa  surrounded by uniformed soldiers using vehicles with the identification numbers covered by tape.  Entering her home, she surprised soldiers rummaging through her bedroom and other areas of the house.  When she asked the soldiers for a search warrant, they could not produce one.  They then left and her inspection of the house not only revealed damage and disorder throughout, but also that they had stolen two computers, two televisions, new clothes, bottles of wine, a matched set of cooking utensils and even food supplies from the pantry.  Her neighbors said the soldiers broke in through the locked door and then destroyed the alarm system.
–  A total of 16 public servants have now been identified and arrested in the purge of officials linked to organized crime in the state of Tabasco.  The operation is being conducted throughout the state by the office of the federal attorney general.  Two high-level police officers have already been identified in earlier reports [Friday and Saturday] and the rest are lower ranking police of Villahermosa.
El Debate (Sinaloa) 9/7/08
Saturday evening, an anonymous email message began circulation in the state of Yucatán that is causing panic.  The message warns the people of Mérida to be careful because of a rumor that narcotraffickers have told the authorities to cease the military anti-drug operations and if not, they will randomly kidnap and kill 50 people.  The message asks the receivers to send it to all their friends.  The threat caused a virtual curfew Saturday evening.
El Sol de México (Mexico City) 9/7/08
Federal Police in the town of Ixtlán del Río, Nayarit located and destroyed four fields containing more than 103 metric tons of marihuana.
Monday 9/8/08
El Universal (Mexico City) 9/8/08
–  Sergio Humberto Ortiz Juárez, an ex-agent of a Mexico City Police investigative unit, has been arrested as the leader of the band of kidnappers known as “La Flor.”  Four other members of the gang have already been arrested.  “La Flor” is the gang that gained national notoriety for the kidnapping and murder of 14-year old Fernando Martí, the son of a wealthy Mexico City businessman.  The youth was found murdered in the trunk of a car after the father had paid the ransom.  The outrage served to mobilize both the government and the public in the war against escalating violence, with even calls for the death penalty for kidnappers.
–  Mexican Army troops have taken control of police duties in Balancán, Tabasco.  The town is one of the 11 in the state of Tabasco where officials are believed to be on the payroll of the Gulf Cartel.
La Crónica de Hoy (Mexico City) 9/8/08
The leader of the Gulf Cartel in Tabasco, Alberto Sánchez Hinojosa, alias “Tony,” was arrested in Villahermosa by federal authorities.  Also arrested were two of his personal security guards.  With the arrests, Federal Police also seized 2 AR-15 rifles, 2 M5 submachine guns, a 40mm grenade launcher with 14 grenades, a fragmentation grenade, communication equipment and 2 vehicles.
El Sol de Mexico (Mexico City) 9/8/08
Within the past day, there have been 11 execution style murders in four states, Sinaloa, Guerrero, Chiapas and Chihuahua.  One of the victims was a police officer who had been beheaded.
El Financiero (Mexico City) 9/8/08
Mexican immigration officers (INM) took custody of 64 aliens hidden in a trailer in the southern state of Chiapas.  Those arrested included 48 Guatemalans, 10 Ecuadorians and 6 Salvadorans.  Eleven of the group were females.
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