Mexico – the “king” of kidnappings!

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Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan)  8/15/08  (This item also appeared in a large number of other papers all across Mexico today)
–    headline: “Mexico, the king of kidnappings”
In a study titled  “Kidnapping is an explosive business” the Holland-based Pax Christi organization pointed out that between three and four kidnappings take place daily in Mexico and that Mexico occupies the first place for kidnappings among all countries in the world. The study was presented in Bogota, Colombia; it also advocates a policy on non-payment of ransoms nor concessions to the kidnappers.
The document points out that the strengthening of criminality associated with narcotraffic has influenced kidnappings, whose victims are mainly business leaders and the upper middle class. Data from Mexico’s Dep’t. of Justice reveals the 3 to 4 daily figure, which surpasses Ecuador’s 35 to 45 yearly and Venezuela’s, where there were 297 kidnappings in 2007.
–    A 37 year old Panamanian was found dead in a Mexico City hotel. One of the 78 capsules he had in his stomach had “exploded”, according to the Distrito Federal’s  AG’s office. The man had been carrying 920 grams (almost one kilo) of cocaine in his body. He also had airline tickets showing he was headed for Holland.
El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  8/15/08
Short takes from the section on local state news:
–     Victim in Chihuahua had killed two in Juarez
–     Four assassinated near Parral
–     New narcosign hung up in state’s capital
–     One more “executed” in Chihuahua; five others forcibly carried off
–     One killed and one house fired at in Nuevo Casas Grandes
And from the local city section: (posted 8/15/08 at 01:45 hrs.)
–     An additional seven persons were murdered yesterday between afternoon and nighttime in different sections of Juarez, while three others were hospitalized and apparently two more were forcibly abducted.
–     A new auto theft record was set in Juarez: 1,668 vehicles were stolen in July, 126 of them by violent means. The first seven months of the year now tally 9,086.
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chih.)  8/15/08
The Chihuahua State Dep’t. of Justice reported that 143 persons were victims of homicide in Ciudad Juarez in the month of July. The year’s tally has now already reached 800.
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  8/15/08
(Relevant portions of an op/column by Valdemar Jimenez titled “Pears from the Elm tree” (read: asking for the impossible)  follow):
We have years now insisting that principally among the great many ills which afflict Mexico, there is corruption and impunity, rooted for years in the country. Up to now no one among those who must combat (those ills) has had the will and aim to try to eradicate them despite promises and commitments to do so.
In the difficult times we are living in because of the scourge of social insecurity generated by organized crime, mainly due to its kidnapping enterprise, the voices of society point out that it is precisely that overwhelming corruption and impunity which are the main causes of criminality that has proliferated so much in our country and has overtaken officialdom which has been infiltrated by the “narco” and organized crime. 
La Cronica de Hoy  (Mexico City)  8/15/08
–     When a “federal preventive police” group arrived in the city of Aguascalientes they found that six city police officers had suddenly disappeared and are nowhere to be found. The six are being investigated for “illicit conduct” and the city police chief is taking the opportunity to fire them.
–     Mexico’s “PFP” (federal preventive police) is planning a nationwide work stoppage today (Fri.) to protest newly mandated work schedule conditions.
La Jornada , Excelsior  (both Mexico City)  8/15/08
Events reported in different areas of the state of Aguascalientes:
–    Today at dawn an armed group took a police “commander” out of her house by force.
–    The same as above happened to a judge.
–    The chief of police at Tepezala has disappeared and his family has not heard from him since yesterday. His son was also taken out of his own home by force.
–    There was a shootout last night at Rincon de Romos; three persons died, a soldier and two “hit men”
Milenio  (Mexico City)  8/15/08
Police are looking for a human body to match the head found on the street in Ecatepec (some 15 mi. NE of Mexico City). The head, with its eyes bound with tape, was left alongside a message on a tag-board.
El Heraldo  (Tegucigalpa, Honduras)  8/15/08
According to a consular assistance report, Mexican police officials kidnap Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran migrants and then ask their relatives in the United States for ransom. State and city police, mainly in Veracruz, carry out those detentions of Central Americans en route to the U.S.; an extortion by telephone then follows for amounts ranging from 5 thousand to 50 thousand Mexican pesos. The detainees are held in houses and are not fed.
La Prensa Grafica  (San Salvador, El Salvador)  8/15/08
Kareh Pirozan, a 28 yr. old Iranian, is being “processed judicially” in El Salvador after he attempted to leave the country on a flight to Canada. He presented an Irish passport.
Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  8/15/08
–     “Eleven persons died yesterday after having been victims of several bullet impacts in different violent acts in the departments of Guatemala, Jutiapa, Jalapa, Zacapa and Izabal.”
–     (Following article transl. in full)
“Guatemalans in Rhode Island will celebrate the first festival in that state.”
The Guatemalans in Rhode Island will be able to enjoy a get together beginning at noon on September 7, when the First Guatemalan Festival of Rhode Island will be celebrated.
Edyn (sic) Fernandez, a member of the organizing committee, said to the daily “El Latino Expreso” “We want it to be a meeting of family get togetherness to which we will try to bring the largest number of Guatemalan families who live in the area.”
The idea of organizing the festival comes about so that the Guatemalan community in the U.S.A. can share and know what its necessities are, its legal status, its employment and living conditions and to see how they can work together to seek a solution to their problems, said Carlos Fernandez, president of the Guatemalan Committee of Rhode Island.
The invitation does not exclude latinos of other nationalities and entrance will be free for all. To get more information, those interested may communicate with Carlos Paiz at (401)451-4856.”
– end of report –

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