Murders continue – National Commission of Human Rights calls for national front against organized crime

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El Universal (Mexico City) 8/12/08


–  An officer of the Federal Police attending the Higher Academy of Public Security in San Luis Potosí was murdered while enroute to the city of Querétaro with two other students.  Their vehicle was riddled by gunfire and the two other officers have disappeared.  His is the fifth murder of officers attending the academy.  Four others were abducted earlier this month and their bodies found along the same San Luis – Querétaro highway.  


These murders are causing fear at the academy and the staff is calling for measures to increase security.  Active Officers who attend the academy for advanced training are petitioning the director for authorization to carry weapons, since present regulations do not allow it.  The officers who were murdered were not armed.  The agents fear that “the enemy is within.”


–  The  subdirector of police in Tepalcaltepec, Michoacan was murdered by an armed group last night.  This makes the third ranking police officer assassinated in the state this month.


–  In Aguascalientes, two men were gunned down this morning near a police station.  They have not yet been identified.


–  In Monterrey, Nuevo León business owners are asking support from the federal government to halt the insecurity in the state.  Fear of reprisal and lack of official action is given for citizens’  failure to to participate in reporting criminal activities.


–  Twenty people were murdered in the state of Chihuahua in the past two days.  The murders were in different parts of the state and there appears to be no connection in the rash of criminal events.


–  In its editorial, “Exasperated with the impunity,” El Universal observes in part, “Yesterday the National Commission of Human Rights called for the construction of a national front against organized crime, worried because 99% of crimes continue with impunity, the distrust of police authorities is reflected in the reporting of only 10% of crimes, the procedures are inefficient and the penitentiary system is ineffective because of corruption.”


“The worst is that chiefs and agents of the forces responsible for public security are involved in crime and that some of the heads of criminal groups direct operations from jail by way of cell phones or instructions transmitted through their defense lawyers.  The mess becomes more tangled every day.”


The editorial goes on to call for reforms in enforcement by following the examples already established in other countries.  It concludes, “The political will is indeed lacking at all levels of authority to set aside their acrimonious quarreling and attend to what ought to matter most to us at this time.  It’s a huge task for the  authorities and the people and all the (political) parties in the 32 states of the Republic.  Enough of wanting to benefit from the mistakes of others.  We are going to win — or lose — this war, all Mexicans together.  Let’s count on winning it, correctly and quickly. “



El Debate (Sinaloa) 8/12/08


The unexplained temporary withdrawal of federal troops from four key inspection areas of Guamúchil, Sinaloa has arroused suspicion.  The federal forces had been assigned to the areas with orders not to abandon them.  Then according to an anonymous 

source, at 10pm last Saturday evening they received orders to leave and no reason was given.  They were ordered back to their posts at 3am Sunday morning.  No one seems to know why the five-hour gap in surveillance was given.



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