Corrupt police cause the needless death of three in Agua Dulce, Veracruz

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(Note: papers the width and breadth of  Mexico gave wide and in several cases quite prominent publicity to the execution yesterday in Texas of rapist/murderer Jose Medellin. In contrast, the following item was found only in a few state of Veracruz sites and in only one Mexico City site) 
Diario del Istmo  (Coatzocoalcos, Veracruz), Notiver  (Veracruz, Ver.), La Jornada  (Mexico City) 8/5/08
City police in Agua Dulce, Veracruz (north side of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec) reportedly reached an “arrangement” sometime quite early yesterday or late Monday night with a group of some forty-six Central and South Americans, all illegally in Mexico, and the police chief was paid $1,500 dollars so the group could be allowed to proceed. Afterward, one of the police subordinates apparently asked the chief for money in exchange for his silence about the extortion. When the chief, Jose Morales, declined, the “rebel policeman” and others decided to chase down the truck in which the aliens were traveling, apparently to extort some more funds for themselves. When the truck wouldn’t stop the police began firing at it; sometime after the truck did stop due to loss of control, the eventual result was that one Colombian, a Honduran and an Ecuadoran died, three other passengers were gravely wounded and 14 ended up hospitalized. Before he died, the Colombian, Andres Londoria, confessed he’d paid $1,500 dollars to the chief of police of Agua Dulce, who has now resigned. Another passenger in the truck, a Honduran woman, stated that after their truck stopped the Agua Dulce police agents also fired on their own patrol vehicles as a defense alibi for having shot at the truck. Fifteen police officers are undergoing interrogation and blaming and accusing each other.
El Sol de Mexico  (Mexico City)  8/5/08  – part of “o.e.m.”, natn’l. paper chain –
Juan Mourino, Mexico’s Secretary of Government, in an interview with “El Heraldo de Chihuahua”, said that Mexico’s combat against narcotraffic will now enter its second phase, which consists of cleaning up organized crime infiltration of police agencies at all three levels. A related legislative proposal to toughen sentences of persons found guilty of kidnapping was introduced in the Mexican Senate early in 2007 but has not been acted upon since then.
Cuarto Poder  (Tuxtla, Chiapas)  8/5/08
–    Thirteen “undocumented” Hondurans “saw their hopes of reaching the so-called “American dream” frustrated when they were detected and detained by INM (Mex. Immigr.) personel” near Villahermosa, Tabasco. The group consisted of seven females, two of them minors, and four males, one of them a minor. All were traveling by bus.
–    In Tuxtla, Chiapas, six Brazilians illegally in Mexico and their female Mexican smuggler were turned over to the INM by state police.
Critica  (Sonora) 8/5/08
The bodies of two men were found dumped in Nogales, Sonora. Both were wrapped in sheets  and then taped; threatening messages were left with the cadavers. Two other bodies, one of them that of a soldier, and both burned and shot, were found in the trunk of a car on the Agua Prieta-Cananea highway, in Sonora. The vehicle had been stolen in the U.S.
El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  8/5/08
–    The bodies of two other men were found dumped along roads in the southern part of the state of Chihuahua. Both had been shot to death; one, whose arms were tied behind his back, had had his head cut off. It was left some four meters away. A sign with the remains read: “Don’t mess with La Linea”
–    Commander Vidal Barraza arrived in Juarez less than a month ago as “operative coordinator” of the “Special Unit for the Investigation of Crimes Against Life” of the northern section of the state’s Att’y. Gen’s. office. The unit was restructured upon his arrival. 16 investigators were reassigned and transferred and their places were taken up by new police academy graduates. Late last night (Tues.) Barraza went out to talk to someone in front of his house. He was barefoot and wearing shorts. Neighbors later reported hearing the sound of machinegun fire followed by a couple of single shots. Barraza’s body was found in front of his house.
–    Other Chihuahua are headlines:
      –   Two men riddled by gunfire in Parral
      –   Two policemen murdered in Ciudad Aldama
      –   Casas Grande businessman killed by armed group; companion wounded
      –   Juarez children find the body of yet another man. This one was tied and left inside a 50 gallon barrel.
El Sur  (Acapulco, Guerrero)  8/5/08
There have been 415 homicides in the state of Guerrero in the first six months of the year; 300 were by firearm, 40 by knifing and 75 by asphyxiation and beating. 71 persons have been arrested as a result.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  8/5/08
–    In reference to Mexico’s nationally notorious case of the kidnapped and later murdered 14 year old, Fernando Marti, Pres. Calderon said he endorses the willingness for all levels of government to work together and to clean up police agencies, particularly that of the Distrito Federal.
–    “While insecurity in the nation’s capital is on the rise, the perimeter of the Congress of the Union was reinforced in order to guarantee the security of the federal deputies (read: congressmen), the Venustiano Carranza sector (of Mexico City) – with federal financing – invests 250 million pesos for the installation of closed circuit cameras, security and embellishment of the area.”
77 million pesos were budgeted for 76 patrol units, 40 motorcycles. 300 radios & 50 vigilance cameras. This budget is in contrast with the 93 million pesos that were assigned this year to the Venustiano Carranza sector where millions of people live in neighborhoods deemed dangerous. That is, the safety of the congressmen is worth 300 % more than the budget of an entire capital city sector.
–    First paragraph of an article detailing scattered violence around Mexico:
“Twenty-six murders in total occurred between Monday night and yesterday; seventeen were reported in Chihuahua, where three of the victims were policemen; two in Michoacan, one of them a city mayor; five more took place in Sinaloa and two more in Durango and the Distrito Federal.
– end of report –

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