Leaders of business corporations in the state of Sinaloa agree that Operation Culiacán-Navolato is necessary to combat narco terrorism

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Saturday, 8/2/08


El Debate (Sinaloa) 8/2/08


Leaders of business corporations in the state of Sinaloa agree that Operation Culiacán-Navolato is necessary in order to oppose the “cancer” of public insecurity brought on by drug traffickers.  One of the business leaders estimated that the operation is working, “although I can’t say things are calm, but if the federal forces weren’t in Culiacán things would be worse.”  Another leader noted that the number of homicides reported are the result of the government’s aggressive fight and that it is still going on.  Noted yet another leader, “We believe that the enemy proved to be much larger than expected.”  In the final analysis, they agreed the struggle should continue despite disappointing results so far.



El Nuevo Diario (Managua, Nicaragua) 8/2/08


The number of formal kidnapping reports filed in Mexico grew to 438 in 2007, a 35% increase over the 325 recorded the previous year. This, according to an article published in Mexico City’s “Reforma” newspaper and based on data from the “Public Security National System.”
However, the article adds that these figures do not approach reality because experts assert that 2 or 3 persons are kidnapped for every case formally reported to the authorities.

Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala) 8/2/08 

Seven persons were reported assassinated by firearms, all in unrelated events in various parts of Guatemala City, although the article did not specify the date of the homicides.




Milenio (Mexico City) 8/2/08


Federal police in the state of Sonora carried out a series of searches of seven residences in Nogales, Cd. Obregón and Santa Ana where they seized  heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine, psychotropic pills and arrested 18 presumed narco dealers.


  Sunday, 8/3/08


El Universal (Mexico City) 8/3/08


The Mexican Department of Justice (PGR) reported that Alejandro Ramírez Báez has been formally indicted and held for trial for the murder of Edgar Millán Gómez who was head of the Federal Preventive Police.  Millán, one of the highest-level officials to be assassinated in the drug war, was murdered May 8 at his home in Mexico City.  Two others, presumed involved in the murder, were also indicted, held and will face trial.


`  The Attorney General’s office confirmed the resignation of  the department’s assistant attorney for international affairs in a shakeup of the PGR in its combat against organized crime and drug traffic.  In the past several days another assistant attorney , this one head of special investigation of organized crime, also resigned.  The reorganization is part of the strategy requested by President Calderón.


–  A federal police patrol, part of Joint Operation Tamaulipas, encountered a group of three visibly armed men south of Matamoros (across from Brownsville, Texas) and took them into custody.  The three were in possession of 3 assault rifles, 2 pistols, 4 fragmentation grenades, clips, ammo and radio equipment.  Their vehicle, a 2000 Ford Expedition, had Texas plates 716KVM.


–  Down at the other end of the country, federal agents at the airport in Cancún, Quintana Roo intercepted a load of more than 14 kilos of cocaine arriving from Amsterdam.  No arrests were reported.


Prensa Libre  (Guat./Guat.)  8/3/08 

A 33 yr. old Venezuelan and a 73 yr. Colombian, both females, were about to board a flight to Venezuela from Guatemala. A search of only two out of their four suitcases revealed $400,000 dollars in cash.




Monday, 8/4/08


El Universal (Mexico City) 8/4/08


–  A municipal police chase in the state of Veracruz ended in a violent accident in which two were killed and 25 undocumented aliens were injured, five of them seriously.  The tractor-trailer truck was spotted by local police near the town of Agua Dulce and began the chase, shooting at the fleeing truck before it collided with an embankment.  The driver and his “copilot” were killed in the impact and some of the passengers’ injuries were due to bullet wounds.  The nationalities of the undocumented were not mentioned.


–  in their editorial in the same edition, El Universal scolds the US for mistreatment in the arrest of an alien by Nashville, TN police and for allowing police officers to function as immigration officials.


–  In continuing news about the reorganization of the Mexican Department of Justice (PGR) El Universal and several other leading newspapers made note of the impending changes in the department as at least four assistant heads of departments are expected to be replaced.  Such reorganizations are routine with the change of presidents.  Replacement of some civil judges is also anticipated.  The present changes are aimed at improving the judicial system and guarding against corruption in the anti-narco struggle. 


–  An interesting dialogue was revealed by Tijuana, Baja California police chief, Julián Leyzaola Pérez regarding methods used by kidnappers.  From a statement made by a person guarding the kidnapped person regarding instructions (apparently from someone in charge):


How long has he (the kidnapped) been here?

About three months.

And what has the family said?

Well, that they are getting the money together.

Know what? Cut off  an ear and send it to them.  If in 15 days they haven’t done anything, kill him.


The person giving the testimony admitted he had lost count of the murders  he had committed and revealed the ease with which he carried out his orders until they became routine.  His justification?  “They told me to kill them.”



Excelsior (Mexico City) 8/4/08


A 20-minute gun battle between som 30 gunmen in five vehicles against Guerrero state police resulted in one police officer and one gunman killed.  The battle broke off as the remainder of the criminals fled.



El Diario de Coahuila (Saltillo, Coahuila) 8/4/08


In the past 24 hours, seven men have been reported assassinated by gunshots in the states of  Sonora and Sinaloa.



El Debate (Sinaloa) 8/4/08


Headline:  A new record in Sinaloa: 147 homicides in the month of July.



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