Criminal group’s goal is to dominate cocaine distribution and sales route in Mexico

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El Universal
  (Mexico City)  8/1/08
The following is a portion of an article headlined: “The plan of “La Familia” is to dominate the country.” 
–    The advance of La Familia (The Family”) the criminal group which already controls various portions of Michoacan and that currently enters into the state of Mexico and the Distrito Federal has – according to the PGR (Mex. Dep’t. of Justice) – one objective: to open and dominate a cocaine distribution and sales route  which goes from Michoacan and reaches up to the north.
For the first time, the “PGR” reveals that it has proof and testimony that La Familia seeks to extend northward until it controls the whole country “and they have joined with Los Zetas in search of its objective and to strengthen itself against its enemies Los Valencia and to control completely in Michoacan.”
An analysis by the “PGR” indicates that the Michoacan origin crime group “grows every day”, and (the group) sets up safe houses at the places where it has arrived, refuges for members of the group who are provided with firearms, uniforms and vehicles, which causes them to be the group’s armed contingent, besides the fact that they also distribute drugs coming from Michoacan.
The criminal group, due to the violence employed, set up as its goal the eradication of the kidnappers and  has made the collection of protection money one of its main sources of finance, as well as  the assassination of its enemies, its “lethal weapon”, according to investigations of the Sub-Att’y. General’s Organized Crime Special Investigation Agency  (“SIEDO”) of the “PGR.”  Its main sources of income are drugs and protection.
–    The “PGR’s” strategy in the fight against organized crime will be redefined by order of Pres. Calderon. The first measures were the dismissal and resignation of the head of “SIEDO”, Noe Ramirez, and of the chief of the investigations unit of “crimes against health”, Mario Arzave. Other dismissals and resignations are likely to follow. The shake-up was triggered by the failure to obtain results in some high profile cases such as that of Zhenli Ye Gon ( note: the man responsible for the smuggling into Mexico of huge amounts of meth chemical precursors and who had the hundreds of millions of dollars in his Mexico City house), or failing to identify the bosses of the criminal groups operating out of the Mexico City airport, which left a number of decapitations .
Reforma  (Mexico City)  8/1/08
(related to the above) : Mexico’s  Secretary of Gov’t., Juan Mourino, called a meeting which included the “PGR” and the “SSP” (Public Security Dep’t.) and asked for results in the investigations about a network of kidnappers operating in the Distrito Federal, and the states of Mexico, Oaxaca and Guerrero. But then the Att’y. Gen., Eduardo Medina, and the head of the “SSP”, Genaro Garcia, “interchanged reproaches about their respective intelligence systems” and criticized the lack of coordination between their agencies particularly in the lack of trust on exchange of information. The outcome was the resignation of five “sub-Attorneys General” and the “head officer” of the agency.
El Universal (Mexico City)  8/1/08
–    In Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Angel Jimenez, head of the homicide section of the “ministerial police” , became himself the victim of homicide when unknown individuals made him the target of a car-to-car gunfire assault.
–    Antonio Urrieta, aka “Commander Panther”, religious leader of  the “Saint Death” temple in Tultitlan, state of mexico, was traveling with two women in an Escalade SUV bearing several “Saint Death” decals. Then two other vehicles cut him off and began firing. The religious leader became the victim of some of the more than 130 shots from assault rifle. The women have so far survived, though one was listed as in critical condition. The Tultitlan church belongs to the “Saint Death International Group.”
(One of the attachments to this report is a picture of portion of the target vehicle. A decal is visible. The other attachment is a photo of the beheaded body in Chihuahua mentioned below.)
El Debate  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  8/1/08
The number of homicides in the state of Sinaloa broke a monthly record for the third time this year. July had 147, fourteen more than in the prior month. The presence of soldiers and federal agents did not diminish the volume of crime because in the last three months alone there have been 400 assassinations. The tally for 2008 is now up to 632; that figure is 220 more than it was at this time in 2007. Killings of policemen started in May with the threat by narcotraffickers that they would kill one per day. Since then they have murdered 56 and the yearly total for law enforcement agents killed has reached 71. The article ends with a roster of names of the 147 July victims and the place and manner of death (shooting, beating, knifing, beheading, etc.) (The state of Sinaloa is roughly half the land size of the state of Ohio)
El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  8/1/08
An anonymous call before dawn yesterday (Thurs.) led police to find a decapitated body inside a sleeping bag on the pavement of an arterial road in Chihuahua City; the head was nearby on a white plastic and appears to bear a message. In Juarez, two police officers were wounded but survived a car-to-car gunfire assault, a man was forcibly abducted and another one was shot to death in front of his family when a group of armed men burst into his home and killed him.
El Sur  (Acapulco, Guerrero)  8/1/08
One police officer was murdered and another wounded yesterday afternoon near Chilpancingo, Guerrero, ( this is inland from Acapulco on the main highway ) when they were ambushed by four men bearing shotguns while the two agents were protecting a soft drinks truck.
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  8/1/08
“Five men were assassinated in cold blood yesterday within a period of eight hours in four different events which occurred in various parts of the city.” These last five bring the number of persons murdered up to nine within the last 24 hours.
La Cronica de Hoy  (Mexico City)  8/1/08
Mexico’s Secretary of the Economy, Eduardo Sojo, asserted today that the Mexico-United States relationship cannot function correctly while the labor market is kept closed. In an interview with Notimex (Mex. news agency), he said that the most convenient thing for both countries at this time is to have an immigration reform “which would close the circle of integration.”
“Markets cannot function well if some are open and others are closed, the entire market cannot function correctly if the goods, services and capital market is open and the labor market is closed”, he maintained.
The functionary pointed out that a migratory reform is necessary, “which would facilitate the orderly, legal migration, where the fundamental human rights are respected.”
We hope, he emphasized, “that this migratory reform, which we have awaited for many years, may come about soon because that will benefit both countries.” An immigration reform, he said, does not require the revision of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) because it deals with a different route than that of commerce, services or capital, but if it comes about it would be complementary to those markets.
It would allow us to become more integrated and that the two countries would take advantage of our proximity and that the region be more competitive, he added.
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