Sixteen more deaths take place in an offensive by organized crime

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(Note: the following is a typical example of the accounting of just one day’s constant reports of violence in Mexico)
La Jornada  (Mexico City)  7/27/08        (  – full article transl. –  )
headline: “Sixteen more deaths take place in an offensive by organized crime”
This Saturday 16 persons were murdered, among them two agents of the Federal Investigation Agency, (“AFI”) assigned to Baja California, and two “ministerial” police in Sinaloa.
Gerardo Antonio Mendoza Reyes, second commander of the AFI, and Gerardo Duran Trevino, third commander of that agency, assigned to Mexicali, Baja California, were murdered by a group of armed and hooded men Saturday morning on Lazaro Cardenas Blvd. ; police officer Martin de la Rosa, who accompanied the commanders, is in Almater Hospital with grave wounds.
Near 11:50 the agents were in an SUV in a shopping center of the Gonzalez Ortega area when they were attacked by triggermen with long barrel weapons. The aggressors fled in a vehicle toward the highway that leads to Sonora. Though a police operation was mounted, only the vehicle was located in the Villa Florida section, one kilometer away from the site of the execution.
Meanwhile, Elba Yuridia Delgano, of Guadalajara, Jalisco, was detained by federal agents at Tijuana’s international airport when she was carrying more than one kilo 500 grams of the synthetic drug “crystal.”
Municipal police of Culiacan, Sinaloa, reported the deaths of “ministerial” agents Everardo Galindo Esparza and Jorge Rodriguez. The bodies were inside a vehicle parked in the center of the Sinaloan capital; the victims has bullet impacts and signs of torture. In one of the seats of the vehicle there were a G-3 rifle, two pistols and a black briefcase.
With this double execution, the local, federal, including military, personnel murdered so far this year in the state add up to 67. Five other persons were murdered in Sinaloa. Two on Saturday afternoon by shots from AK-47 rifle on Manuel Clouthier Blvd.
The Marco Antonio and Giancarlo Galvez Mata brothers, 22 and 17 years of age, as well as Manuel Araujo Lopez, 26 years old, were shot with rifles by unknown persons Friday night, in Colonia Solidaridad.
In Chihuahua two homicides were registered. The body of one person was located in an area of Ciudad Juarez on Friday night; it had signs of torture. The other, Ramon Espinoza Duenas, was executed with a 9 millimeter weapon in the city of Delicias.
On the other hand, the mayor of Namiquipa, Hector Meixuiero Munoz, is in hiding to avoid that they attack his life; this, after the murder by narcotraffickers of Ismael Rivera Chavez, city treasurer, which took place some days ago. In a “radio phone” interview, the mayor asked for understanding on the part of his “governed” (citizens).
Officials at Nopala de Villagran, Hidalgo, reported the death of one person by seven shots to the face, signs of torture and (found) half covered with a blanket, in the inside of a car. The State Attorney General’s office attributed the homicide  to the disputes between organized crime bands of Huichapan.
Two more persons were executed, one in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and another one in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas. In both cases the victims had received a coup de grace shot. The one at San Cristobal was partially burned.
In Guerrero, police officials reported that Eliseo Pastrana Cruz was riddled with a 9 millimeter pistol and Pablo Hernandez Rendon was wounded. The prosecutor’s office in Oaxaca reported the death of Hidalgo Bautista Villa, an area businessman who was kidnapped last Thursday. 
El Universo  (Guayaquil, Ecuador)  7/27/08
(Note: though not a Western Hemisphere event, the following is reported due to its relevance)
Italy declared a national state of emergency on Friday due to the arrival of immigrants, while the government of Silvio Berlusconi continues ahead with its own regulations against the undocumented.
The Parliament said that the measure, which grants additional powers to police and local officials, was extended to the whole country to combat the “persistent flow and exceptional arrival of undocumented foreign citizens.” No further details were furnished.
Ignazio La Russa, Defense Minister, said the declaration will allow the construction of new detention centers for the clandestine immigrants.
La Prensa  (Mexico City)  7/26/08
Pablo Aispuro, a Culiacan, Sinaloa, police officer, was “deprived of his liberty” on Friday afternoon. On Saturday morning he was found by a dirt road north of town, propped up and tied to a tree, murdered by gunfire. The attachment to this report is a photo of the victim and speaks for itself. The killers mocked his death with a cardboard sign left with his body; it basically reads: I’m a horseman and that’s why I’m here taking in some shade. (Note: the sign uses the word “charro”, which in Mexican slang can mean both “cowboy”, horseman” but also “traitor’)
– end of report –

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