Sixty-five Tijuana Police Officers to be Dismissed

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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.
Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  7/24/08
The mayor of Tijuana announced that around sixty-five Tijuana police officers will be dismissed for “diverse reasons” at the end of this month.
A number of papers around Mexico also included the ever present reports on a number of kidnappings and homicides in their areas.

a.m.  (Leon, Guanajuato)  7/24/08
When a northbound freight train stopped at Irapuato, Guanajuato, “around” forty-five men believed to be undocumented Central Americans jumped off and dispersed before they could be detained by local police.
Cuarto Poder  (Tuxtla, Chiapas)  7/24/08
A northbound passenger bus arrived at a checkpoint  on the Comitan-Tuxtla highway in Chiapas. Aboard: seven Brazilians, including an eleven year old, and seven Central Americans. None of them could show proof of having entered Mexico lawfully.
La Jornada  (Mexico City) 7/24/08
Ninety undocumented Central Americans under custody by Mexican immigration officials were riding southbound in three buses in the Tehuantepec Isthmus area; they were in the process of being returned to their countries of origin. But then a hooded and armed group cut the buses off, fired and made the buses stop. The hooded men then boarded the buses and robbed everyone including the immigration officials. In the midst of this, four undocumented aliens managed to escape.
Diario Xalapa (Xalapa, Veracruz)  7/24/08  (part of “o.e.m.”, large natn’l. chain of papers)
An article about a function promoting reading and attended by Pres. Calderon & also Sec. of Public Education Josefina Vasquez Mota was headlined : “One out of every eight Mexicans has never read a book.” It continued : the most recent data indicates that for every one Euro that Mexico sells to Spain in books, Spain sells 180 Euros to Mexico. Also: 30 percent of Mexicans have never been to a library in their life; 40 percent has never gone to a bookshop; one out of every eight has never read a book in his life, and 30 percent of citizens have not done so within the last year.
Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  7/24/08
–    A shipment of gas heaters to be sent to Cali, Colombia, went through a gamma ray inspection at the Mexico City airport. The result: $ 2,080,000 dollars in cash hidden inside the shipment.
–    The Cancun area has seen a recent increase in lawlessness. Now, an anonymous phone call to the emergency call center demanded the withdrawal of public security patrols. If not, they threatened, “they’re going to have to come and pick them up in plastic bags.”
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