Mexican Immigration reports that from January to June 2008, 43,975 Central Americans have been repatriated back to their countries from Mexico

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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.
Prensa Libre  (Guatemala City, Guatemala)  7/21/08
37 men and 8 women, including an 8 yr. old girl, all Guatemalans, who had paid $1,000 to be taken to the United States border were abandoned by their “pollero” (smuggler; literally: “chicken herder”) and roamed around for three days around the area of Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas. They were found and turned over to Mex. immigr.  officials for return to Guatemala. That agency reports that in the first six months of this year 43,975 Central Americans have been repatriated from Mexico.
Noroeste  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  7/21/08
There were twenty-six homicides during the third week of July in the state of Sinaloa. From July 1st to the 20th there were one hundred and four. And the year’s total to date has now reached 573. The article then goes on to describe some of the more recent cases in detail.
(Note: a routine review of a goodly number of Mexican papers today revealed the almost universal presence of articles describing different homicides of two, three and more persons the length and width of the country)
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora; Nogales ed.) 7/21/08
“Return of immigrants back home increases”
The article describes activities of the “Beta Group”, gov’t. personnel who daily patrol routes used by the migrants attempting to cross into the U.S.; the “Beta” group carry water, first aid  supplies, some food; they also have a reduced bus fare program to return “aspiring border crossers” to their homes in the interior of Mexico.
The local Beta Group coordinator, Enrique Enriquez, commented that the notable increase in the number of persons who have decided to return to their homes is proof of how difficult life has become for those who live as illegals in the United States.
“This speaks as to how difficult it is to cross, there’s much vigilance by the Border Patrol, the weather, there are many factors which make people desist in their attempt to cross”  ” The measures taken by the American authorities have also influenced, there are those who have spoken of the fear of being detained and jailed for months, these are situations due to which they decide to return to their homes” he said.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  7/21/08
–    A preliminary report from Conalapa, Chiapas, states that Mex. military just seized 13 AR15 rifles, 25 grenades, over 500 rounds of ammo mostly for assault rifles, bullet proof vests and 13 bandoleers. No arrests were mentioned.
–    Earlier this year this year the Mexican Congress approved a reform to the “general law of population” decriminalizing illegal entry of aliens into Mexico. The measure has now become effective due to its posting in the country’s official publication. The measures take effect Tuesday (tomorrow) ; they substitute a series of administrative fines in lieu of jail time for such actions as illegal entry into Mexico, marriages of convenience to a Mexican, and violation of status under which initially admitted. Illegal immigration in Mexico is mostly composed of Central Americans who seek to go through the country en route to the United States.
(The following illustrates the verbiage commonly used & abused in Mexican papers. It’s the start of an article in a Matamoros paper today about the arraignment of an alien smuggler. Verbatim translation follows):
“As a result of the juridical-penal work by the Agent of the Public Department of the Federation, and after having integrated the necessary elements for the juridical consignation of the dossier, it was determined to bring about the penal action against Alfredo Sanchez Ramirez, for his probable responsibility in the crime of Violation of the General Law of Population.”
– end of report –

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