Narcotics traffikers control 80 municipalities in Mexico

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El Universal (Mexico City) 7/15/08


–  The office of the Mexican Federal Attorney General (PGR) reports that narcotraffic controls 80 municipalities in the country.  Besides drug trafficking, the criminals extort protection “taxes” from legitimate businesses and run prostitution rings.  Their influence reaches to municipal leaders, principally in the states of Michoacán and Tamaulipas, according to the PGR data.  Since the beginning of President Calderon’s administration, the National Security Council has been mapping those cities and towns that are under control of the narcos.  Those reports are used for deployment of the Army and Federal Police.  The director of National investigation and Security (Cisen), Guillermo Valdés said that the democratic institutions are under threat from powerful cartels.  


He also mentioned that he wouldn’t rule out the possibility that narcotraffic has financed the campaigns of some legislators.  This, of course, triggered an immediate rejection of that idea by both houses of federal government, demanding proof.  However, the coordinator of the PRD party’s representatives said he was “absolutely certain” that some of the political campaign money comes from narcotraffic.  Adding another opinion,  PAN party representative Daniel Ludlow said that narco involvement in politics is an “open secret.”


–  The internecine war in Sinaloa continued for the fourth day of extreme violence as groups of criminals battle one another with bullets and molotov cocktail bombs.  In Culiacán, a number of residential dwellings were shot up and one was burned.  A number of vehicles were destroyed by makeshift bombs and fire.  In Mazatlán, two were killed and two wounded in a vehicle battle and the towns of Navolato and Mocorito registered one murder each.  Authorities attribute the increase of violence of the past few weeks in Sinaloa to the rivalry between groups headed by Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán on one side and the Beltrán Leyva brothers on the other.


–  Referring to the post-9/11 US intelligence system as an example, Elena Jeannetti Dávila, a specialist at the University of Mexico (UNAM) urged Mexico to create a decentralized agency to generate timely information to serve national security concerns.  “In Mexico there is no long-term plan of development, but rather joint six-year plans [one presidential term] which is a serious weakness.  We have neglected the formation of human resources in the matter of public security, internal security and national security,” she maintains.



Mundo (Bogotá, Colombia) 7/15/08


The US Coast Guard seized 1.146 metric tons of cocaine off the Pacific coast of Colombia and captured six Colombians.  The drug was found in a “fast boat” intercepted 50 miles at sea in an area known as Cabo Corrientes.  The cocaine and the six arrested were turned over to Colombian authorities.  The shipment was seemingly destined to the US and the seizure raises the total of cocaine confiscated in Colombian waters off the Pacific coast to 37.5 metric tons so far this year, with an estimated value of 937.5 million dollars.



Cuarto Poder (Chiapas) 7/15/08


In an unusual twist, a female body was found in a rural area of Chiapas “encolchonado,” that is, wrapped in a mattress.  “Wrapping” of the bodies of murder victims has become commonplace — although the reason is unclear —  but usually the wrapping material is either plastic, bed sheets, blankets or even paper.  The photo relates.




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