Some Political Campaigns Receive Contributions from Drug Cartels

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El Universal (Mexico City) 7/9/08


They offered me whatever money I might want

In an interview by regional correspondent Jonathán Tapia with Nuevo León ex-gubernatorial candidate Mauricio Fernández Garza, the National Action Party (PAN) member assured that drug cartels offer financing to all gubernatorial candidates in all states.  Fernández, a controversial  politician and businessman, member of the administrative business council, ex-senator and ex-mayor was defeated for governor of Nuevo León in 2003.  Regarding his campaign, he stated:  “They offered me narco money, meaning the millions of dollars that I milght want for my campaign, in exchange for police protection and impunity.”


Reporter:  Is there narco money present in campaigns?


Fernández:  Some think that if the narcos give it to you, that’s bad, but if someone who wants a favor, a friend or businessman, gives it to you, that’s okay.  I think they both are equally bad and as a politician, you know whether to accept it or not.  In my case, they told me the millions of dollars were what I might want for my campaign.  I knew it was from narcotraffic and didn’t accept it.


Reporter:  What did they want from you in exchange?


Fernández: In the majority of cases, protection and impunity.  They want freedom to carry out their business.


Reporter:  Do they offer money to all candidates?


Fernández:  They can approach any candidate in any state.  It would seem strange to me if they didn’t do so.  It would seem strange that they would not approach a candidate, but it depends on each party leader.  There are no basic programs or rules that regulate that money.  I’ve spoken with other candidates and they are in the same situation.


Reporter:  Is there a way to avoid it?


Fernández:  I believe there are several things, frightening errors.  First, the cost of campaigns that are stratospheric, on which campaigns focus even with the new (federal electoral) law.  It is worn out stupidity and I include myself because there are no basic programs.  The important thing would be for a candidate to win by an ample consensus of the people.



El Debate (Sinaloa) 7/9/08


–  A group of at least 10 hooded men posing as police killed three men in Culiacán, Sinaloa yesterday and a police officer was murdered by gunmen this morning, bringing the total of officers killed in the state to 61 so far this year.


–  Two completely burned bodies were found in a car this morning two blocks from the military base in Guamúchil, Sinaloa.


–  Today’s paper observed, “never before in the history of Sinaloa has there been such dread, anxiety, fear, panic… on a level such that one does not go out on the street.”



La Crónica de Hoy (Mexico City) 7/9/08


Mexico serves as the “trampoline” for 350,000 illegal foreigners to enter the US each year, according to the Center for Documentation, Identification and Analysis of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies (House of Representatives).  Citing the majority as being from Central and South America, the report also lists many other nationalities from Asia and Africa who see Mexico as “the easy road to the American Dream.”



Tamaulipas en Linea (Tamaulipas) 7/9/08


Each year 400,000 Mexicans emigrate to the US.  For this reason, the powers that be are required to provide better opportunities for those obligated to abandon their country in search of better living conditions, according to a national commission on migratory matters.  They plan to open a program, “Stay in Mexico,” to slow the loss of citizens.  The commission estimates that 25% of Mexican citizens live in the US.  At this rate, by 2050, “practically half of our population will live in the neighboring country to the north.”



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