Mexican Government clears way for drug kingpin Benjamín Arellano Felix to be turned over to U.S. authorities for trial

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El Universal (Mexico City) 6/25/08


–  Despite an earlier judicial opinion last month that the extradition of drug kingpin Benjamín Arellano Felix would constitute double jeopardy, the Mexican government considered the judgment  mistaken and has cleared the way for Arellano to be turned over to US authorities at any moment.  They ruled that the crimes for which he was imprisoned in Mexico are separate from those for which he is accused in the US.  Mexico has 120 other presumed criminals wanted in the US ready for extradition.


–  Three policemen and three civilians were found executed by gunfire early this morning near Guamúchil, Sinaloa.  An investigation is underway.



El Porvenir (Monterrey, Nuevo León) 6/25/08


Speaking from the state of Querétaro, Mexican Secretary of Government (no US equivalent) Juan Camilo Mouriño maintained that the government is winning the battle against narcotraffic and that organized crime is using a propaganda campaign in an attempt to hold off federal authorities and to frighten the public.  He pointed out that the government has already deprived the drug cartels of 4 billion dollars through seizures.



El Informador (Guadalajara, Jalisco) 6/25/08


A paragraph from an op/ed column by Genaro Lozano titled, Violence, censorship and impunity, states:

In the last few years, Mexico has overtaken Colombia as the most dangerous place to practice journalism in Latin America.  Since 2000, some 21 journalists have been assassinated and since 2005 seven journalists have disappeared, the majority of them for publishing articles relating to narcotraffic, but also there are others who have been silenced for denouncing acts of corruption, perversion or simply for being “journalists who make the powerful uncomfortable.”



El Diario (Chihuahua) 6/25/08


In the past few weeks, large canvas banners with messages have been hung over main roads in Chihuahua.  Yesterday another was located with a list of names, presumably members of criminal organizations, who have murdered police and innocent people as well as being kidnappers.  The information is being analyzed by the authorities.



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