Baptism celebration turns into roundup of thugs in Tijuana

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Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.)  6/23/08 – and others –
In Tijuana, a joint state and federal “Preventive Police” operation Saturday evening resulted in the detention of 62 individuals at a baptism celebration taking place at a party hall called “El Pequeno Travieso” (The Little Rascal). But big rascals there had with them 21 firearms, over five thousand rounds of ammunition, an assortment of communication gear, 76 clips, drugs, bullet proof vests and law enforcement uniforms and insignia of various agencies.. And at least one of them was an active duty Tijuana police officer, while four or five others detained there are currently under suspension from that agency.
The roster of detainees shows most of them are from Sinaloa, Tijuana or Jalisco, but a glance shows at least two subjects from San Diego, CA.
The identities of all detainees hasn’t been confirmed but it is suspected that among them is one Filiberto Parra Ramos, AKA “La Perra”, a most bloodthirsty killer who is also the chief of one of the Arellano Felix drug cells.
Information from this operation led to a second one at the Gamez private security office at #3620 Amsterdam St., Tijuana; two other subjects were detained there plus weapons, Tijuana police patches and more communication gear.
El Imparcial  (Hermosillo, Sonora)  6/23/08
–   Jose Pablo Franco Osuna became chief of police at Bacoachi, Sonora, just a month ago; he was undergoing drug rehab treatment at Agua Prieta, Sonora, on a weekly basis. But then he inhaled some cocaine, shot himself on the head with a 9 mm. and died. He had just replaced a prior chief who was dismissed for robbing a mining company. (Bacoachi is some 50 mi. SSW of Agua Prieta)
–   Three other men were executed in Sonora within 24 hrs.; two of them had been abducted by force and were found in a vehicle in Nogales. In Hermosillo, a 25 yr. old with a criminal record was found burned to death in a vehicle.
El Debate  (Culiacan, Sinaloa)  6/23/08
The presence of 2,723 federal and military personnel for the Culiacan-Navolato Operation are deemed a new evil and a failure. Since its inception in May there have been 137 homicides, an average of four daily. June has so far tallied more than 70 and tens of complaints have been made against the military for theft, physical aggression, torture, abuse of power, illegal searches and even the disappearance of a man whose body was later found in a canal. But organized crime hasn’t been touched, the killers are still executing and escaping.
El Diario  (Chihuahua, Chih.)  6/23/08
Mex. military detected and destroyed marihuana planted in “more than” five hectares (1 hectare = 2.47 acres) at the Las Generalas narcoranch in the town of Guerrero (west central portion of the state of Chih.) Three thugs, all from Sinaloa, were arrested and their firearms seized.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  6/23/08
–    Police in Panama City, Panama, arested two Mexicans who had 513 kgs. of cocaine hidden in the dresser of their residence.
–    The Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico criticized the Mexican political sectors for being solely involved in sterile and unending discussions about petroleum and not defending the country’s undocumented migrants. In the editorial of the Catholic weekly “Desde la fe” (“From the faith”) the organism headed by Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera also criticized the American political sector for not giving proper due to the openness and availability of Mexico on the issue of border security.
In particular, it disapproved of the “inhumane” measures of the Department of Homeland Security of the United States for “hunting”, jailing and deporting the undocumented to their country of origin. It asserted that in some American border areas the undocumented are processed judicially as if they were criminals, and sentenced to terms ranging from five months to a year in jail.
It claimed that “Mexico has experienced the hardest reactions against immigration and the most brutal aggression against the undocumented.” It mentioned the case of the “absurd” fence being built between both countries, which it considered as an “offensive and humiliating sign for Mexico, in regards to which the government has only reacted timidly.”
–    Hotel occupancy and restaurant activity in Acapulco is down to 17% because of serious crime activities. In Quintana Roo, diplomats from twelve European nations and New Zealand met with officials from various cities along the Cancun/Riviera Maya tourist zone to discuss mistreatment, arbitrary detention plus kidnappings and executions. And hotel operators in Tamaulipas demanded that local officials ask the Mex. fed. government to remove the military and their equipment from the international crossing bridges because “they provide an impression of a country at war” and that affects tourism.
Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  6/23/08
–    Immigration specialist lawyers in Ciudad Juarez have seen an eighty percent increase in clientele seeking to obtain permanent residence visas and naturalization in the U.S. compared with 2007. The applicants are generally investors, professionals and students. One lawyer called it an alarming phenomenon due mainly to insecurity.
–    There were 16 violent executions in and around Ciudad Juarez in the 24 hours from 8 p.m. Saturday to 8 p.m. Sunday. Three other subjects were wounded but survived. (Note: we will not go on to describe the particular details of all this bloodshed.)
Cadena Global (Caracas, Venezuela)  6/23/08
Colombian army & coast guard units participated in the locating and seizure of a “fast boat” loaded with 1.973 kgs. of cocaine in the Gulf of Uraba on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The smugglers at first fired at the military and then managed to escape into the jungle after abandoning their load.
El Tiempo  (Bogota, Colombia)  6/23/08
A remotely controlled dynamite explosion blew up an oil pipeline in Colombia on Saturday. The pipeline carries 100,000 barrels of crude daily, one of Colombia’s main sources of foreign currency income.
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