Narco terror moving to our side of the border ?

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El Diario (Chihuahua, Chih.)  6/20/07


    Mexican drug traffickers have put out a death threat list with the names of more than ten persons who reside in New Mexico. Arturo Baeza, a captain with the Luna County, NM (Deming area) Sheriff’s Office said he had informed ICE about the existence of such a list last week.


    A federal agent and a city police officer were executed by gunfire yesterday (Thurs.) out in the street in two separate events in the city of Chihuahua. Also there, a third man, a civilian, was shot to death at a car repair shop. And a fourth man was found on the highway 8 kms. out of town; he’d been beaten to death with a large rock.



 Cuarto Poder  (Tuxtla, Chiapas)  6/20/07


 A Central American woman and three boys aged 14, 11 and 10 traveling with her were detained by Mex. immigr. near Palenque, Chiapas, after she claimed they were all just going visiting to Villahermosa, Tabasco, and that the three boys were her sons. However, based on the boys’ contradictory replies, their different “cultural levels” and racial characteristics, the immigr. officials decided to send all of them to Tapachula (a town in Chiapas with a “migracion” processing and detention facility). At that point, the alleged mother offered the officials a bribe to be allowed to go free. The woman is believed to be a trafficker who provides minors to groups of pedophiles and child pornographers.



 Diario de Yucatan  (Merida, Yucatan)  6/20/08

 That episode of the 33 Cubans recently “kidnapped” from a bus while being transported from one Mex. Immigr. facility to another, and later having 18 of them show up in Hidalgo, TX, has had a ripple effect: eleven Mex. “Migracion” officials in Chetumal, including the person in charge,  have been detained in Quintana Roo on suspicion of trafficking in Cubans. And Mex. army personnel is now guarding the Mex. immigr. facility in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, to prevent the possible rescue of a number of other Cubans being held there.



 Diario de Coahuila  (Saltillo, Coah.), El Sol de Puebla (Puebla, Pue.)  6/20/08


 The “PGR” (Mex. Dep’t. of Justice) in the state of Tabasco reported that Mex. military arrested four police officers, including a commander,  from Balancan, Tabasco, who were escorting a bus with some twenty undocumented Central Americans just 20 kms. from the border.

 And near Ciudad Mendoza, Veracruz, another passenger bus was found carrying seventy undocumented Guatemalans.

 At the Estacion San Jose, in the area of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mex. army personnel seized more than a ton of weed, firearms, packaging, and weighing and compacting equipment for the weed.



El Imparcial  (hermosillo, Sonora)  6/20/08


 Three different operations by Mex. army personel in Naco, Sonora (across from Naco, AZ) yielded 21 firearms – 11 of them shoulder weapons -, a grenade, clips and over a thousand rounds of ammo.



 Frontera  (Tijuana, Baja Calif.) , El Universal  (Mexico City)  6/20/08

 Two different firearm attacks against Tijuana police officers took place late Wednesday evening out in the streets of Tijuana. No officers were hit and there were no arrests.

 Four civilians died overnight from Wed, into Thursday: three in Ciudad Juarez and one other in Chihuahua. There were also four executions in Guerrero, while in Nogales, Sonora, one man was killed and another wounded also by gunfire assaults.



 El Universal  (Mexico City)  6/20/08


 The “PGR” reportedly has information showing that drug cartels in Mexico are starting to control the routes used for the trafficking of persons aiming to enter the U.S. illegally. Cartels are doing this to gain additional revenue sources for their own expansion; they derive these additional funds from groups who smuggle people and who must pass through drug cartel dominated territory.



 Ensenada  (Ensenada, Baja Calif.)  6/20/06


Aerial surveillance detected that a light aircraft had landed at a clandestine airstrip some 27 kms. SE of Ensenada. By the time land units could get there, no one was around but still in the plane were 33 packages of drug weighing some 400 kilos. Also, a “late model pickup” and five cans of gasoline.



 From a variety of sites: protests ranging from street demonstrations (as in Quito, Ecuador) , official denunciations (including Venezuela’s Chavez  & Bolivia’s Morales) and even editorial comment in Guatemala all had varying degrees of opposition to the EU’s new stricter rules for dealing with illegal aliens in its 27 nation territory.



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