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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  6/12/08
(Main editorial follows):
Mexico must be the priority of the United States. The words of Barack Obama, Democrat candidate to the presidency of that country, are logical. If he said the opposite, that would be major news. But unfortunately it’s not the first time that similar words have been spoken nor that the events have been frustrated. The recent setback with the Merida Initiative in the American Congress proves it.
For years the situation has been the same. The growth of bilateral problems, migration and drug traffic are the major ones, proof that the neighboring country has really underestimated the importance of what happens below the 3 thousand kilometers of border which it has to the south.
Today it appears that the situation changes because the politicians of the north no longer have a way to turn their backs to it. But the solution of our problems cannot come just from the United States: we Mexicans have to do our part here, without also ignoring what happens over there.
Mexico has become its third commercial partner, behind only Canada and the ascendant China, and like it or not, it makes real contributions to the relation with preferential prices in energy fuels and cheap labor costs, even though there are those in the United States who complain about it.
Even more important, a growing percentage of the American political and economic power is composed of Latins, in their majority of Mexican origin. And, though they keep in mind their own situation and that of Mexico, they no longer resign themselves to just looking at the candidates with a big Mexican sombrero on the head or with a taco on hand.
For better or for worse it is no longer an issue of foreign relations but about domestic policy for the United States. The same way as what happens in the United States does so for Mexico.
And here Barack Obama and John McCain show up. The antagonism of the first one of them against the Free Trade Agreement and the bad mood of the second one against an integral migration reform which he supported before are sufficient to doubt their convictions or knowledge of the bilateral relationship. The electoral phrases generally do not become government programs. The hope will rely on their favoring common sense over political convenience upon reaching office.
It would be desirable that, whoever wins, be it the Republican or the Democrat, the next President of the United States would revive migratory reform and, with the same urgency, convince the Congress of his country to review a policy which basically revokes a formal compromise to assist Mexico in the war against drug traffic.
In any case the Democrat offers that if elected he will promote “more employment there” (in Mexico) in place of deportations, and that he will support, now yes, the fight against a drug consumption which in real terms finances the activities of the cartels here.
El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez)  6/12/08
The mayor of Ciudad Juarez said that the wave of violence in Juarez is an extraordinary event and that “we know it’s going to end soon.” He added that what is going on is a confrontation between two organized crime groups.
There were eighty victims of homicide in Juarez in May.
El Porvenir  (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)  6/12/08
The state of Tamaulipas’ Justice Dep’t. reported these figures for the month of May:  12 tons, 96 kgs. of marihuana seized; another 629 kgs. was seized from “narcoretailers”. Also, 67 kgs. of cocaine, 38 firearms and 29,197 (sic) clips.
Independent of the above, the area’s Mex. military unit reported that Monday it located and seized 2,852 kgs. of marihuana in two unoccupied vehicles in the area of Camargo, Tamps.
El Sur  (Acapulco, Guerrero)  6/12/08
28% of the 2,702 homicides from 5/05 to 5/08 in the state of Guerrero were related to the dispute among narcotraffickers for the production, passage and sale of drugs. This year so far there have been 114 such murders.
El Universal  (Mexico City)  6/12/08
“More than” four thousand 400 kilos of cocaine were seized Monday offshore from the Pacific Ocean side of Panama. The load was in two launches which would have come from the port city of Buenaventura, Colombia. The smugglers fled into the jungle area and are being sought.
(The following report from La Prensa  (Panama City, Panama) 6/11/08 relates and amends the preceding):
Three “fast boats” used by narcotraffic and their cargo of 5.5 tons of cocaine were seized in events this Monday and Tuesday. Two of the “fast boats” were seized Monday and each had two thousand kilos, while another 429 kilos were found on shore. The third one was found Tuesday and it had 1,070 kilos. The boats, found at Coibas Island, Veraguas Province, each had several powerful outboard motors, long range communication equipment, food supplies, blankets and fuel. Fifteen people are being sought. The first quarter of this year has already resulted in the seizure of 12 tons of drugs.
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